Cigma E-liquid(Cherry Menthol)

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E-Liquids and flavours

The Electronic Cigarette Liquids produced range from nicotine free to 18mg of nicotine content in different flavours categorized by their fruity, spicy, menthol and tobacco aromas. The quality of the E-Liquids ensure that you derive maximum enjoyment from each vaping experience.

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Cigma brand

At Colourvape we sell some of the best Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquids in the U.K (United Kingdom) and so we have an idea of some of the possible reasons why vaping has become one of the most enjoyable activities in different parts of the world. Brands like Cigma who are at the cutting edge of the E Cigarette market understand what the customer is interested in, and by creating a set of Electronic Cigarettes which have a slim and elegant design called Cigma Vape Slim and Cigma Vape Extra they have a product that does not only offer a distinct traditional cigarette like feel owing to its size but owing to the type of vapourizer gives a satisfying experience, and offers a healthier alternative with their distinct and wide range of E-Liquids.

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The Cigma E-Liquids are created from the finest raw materials, natural extracts and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, using the most advanced production techniques and quality control processes to enable conformity to the highest international Electronic Liquid health and pharmaceutical standards


Cigma has created 15 different flavours and 4 different strengths for use with its Electronic Cigarettes and other independent E-cigarette makers. The flavours range from fruits such as strawberry, apple and berry to tobacco E-Liquids and menthol E-Liquids. The Cigma Electronic Cigarette Liquid container has a longer nozzle than most E-Liquids so that it is easy to pour into a clearomizer, catomizer or tank or any container with as little loss of the liquid as possible. All liquids are produced with the highest standard of quality and safety in mind.

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Additional Information

SKU 104958


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