Cigma Vape Dual Slim Kit

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Cigma Vape Dual Slim Kit

CIGMA Slim is the Slimmest, Smallest , Eliquid Refillable , Rechargeable Cigarette Cigarette Dual Kit Includes – 2 Batteries -2 learomizers – USB Charger

The Cigma Vape Dual Slim includes 2 Batteries 2 Clearomizers and a USB Charger. Cigma Electronic and Vapor Cigarette packs are ideal for people new to vaping or who are looking to move away from traditional cigarettes to vaping .These E-Cigarettes are among the best E-Cigarettes, Shisha Pens or Vapor Cigarettes available because of their high quality, efficient and superior vapourizers

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Product Description


Cigma brand

At Colourvape we sell some of the best Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquids in the U.K (United Kingdom) and so we have an idea of some of the possible reasons why vaping has become one of the most enjoyable activities in different parts of the world. Brands like Cigma who are at the cutting edge of the E Cigarette market understand what the customer is interested in, and by creating a set of Electronic Cigarettes which have a slim and elegant design called Cigma Vape Slim and Cigma Vape Extra they have a product that does not only offer a distinct traditional cigarette like feel owing to its size but owing to the type of vapourizer gives a satisfying experience, and offers a healthier alternative with their distinct and wide range of E-Liquids.

Product description

Cigma is a brand that is designed in Oxford and Berlin, this Avant Garde Electronic Cigarette strikes the balance between having a stylish look and great performance. Cigma E-Cigarettes, shisha pens or vapor cigarettes as they are also called comes in two versions, the Cigma Vape Slim is the more compact type, while the Cigma Vape Extra is longer lasting . The Cigma Vape Extra version utilizes the most up to date innovation in Electronic Cigarette manufacturing. This E-Cigarette blends the latest technology to bring a highly efficient vapourizer. The Cigma Extra E-Cigarette has double the battery power compared to the Cigma Slim E-Cigarette. Cigma Extra was built for those looking for a discreet and stylish way to vape.

Stylish and Easy to Use


Compact yet Powerful

Which Liquid to use?

We recommend the Cigma 10ml e liquid bottle as the main choice of Liquid for this product. The nozzle is made precisely for pouring into the side of the clearomizer and only the highest grade formulas and flavours were selected to ensure vaping delight. (The Cigma E-cigarette does not come with the Liquid Bottle)

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Additional Information

SKU 105261


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