Cimga Extra Coil Chrome 5 Pack

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Cimga Extra Coil Chrome 5 Pack

The coil is the portion of the ecigarette that heats up the liquid to create the vapour, within the eCigarette it is the heating element within the Clearomizer, Cartomizer or Atomizer depending on the device.

The fundamental action that distinguishes the E-Cigarette from the Traditional Cigarette is the vapourisation of the ELiquids.

The coil requires changing and the frequency with which this is done depends on use, and the type and brand of the E-Cigarette. Ideally 3 to 4 weeks is the length of time on average that your ECigarette coil will need to be changed owing to the fact that the wick contained within the coil will get worn. It’s a pretty straight forward process and once learnt it can be repeated time and again quite quickly.

  • Coils are Replaceable

  • Compatible with Cigma Extra

  • Pack of five coils

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About Cigma

Cigma is a brand that is designed in Oxford and Berlin, this Avant Garde Electronic Cigarette strikes the balance between having a stylish look and great performance. Cigma E-Cigarettes, shisha pens or vapor cigarettes as they are also called comes in two versions, the Cigma Vape Slim is the more compact type, while the Cigma Vape Extra is longer but of equal dimensions making it just as slim but longer lasting . The Cigma Vape Extra version utilizes the most up to date innovation in Electronic Cigarette manufacturing. This E-Cigarette blends the latest technology to bring a highly efficient vapourizer. The Cigma Extra E-Cigarette has double the battery power compared to the Cigma Slim E-Cigarette. Cigma Extra was built for those looking for a discreet and stylish way to vape

About Product

Pack of five Coils for the cigma Extra Clearomizer and Battery.

Changing the coil is part of the maintenance of an electronic cigarette and is very easy to do. The coil is the part that vaporizes the e-liquid. Eventually your electronic cigarette heater coil will stop doing its job and will need to be replaced. The wick inside will get worn out. The average time to replace is about every three-four weeks. You can purchase all the coils and clearomizers you need for cigma vape to continue enjoying long into the future.

  • Replaceable coil
  • Compatible with Cigma extra
  • Pack of five coils

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Additional Information

SKU 106023


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