Frequently Asked Questions

E-Cigarette: how does it work ?

The scientific working of the electronic cigarette is quite basic. It involves using a specially designed battery that heats a liquid to the point of vapourisation. When the liquid reaches a certain temperature it is transformed into vapour which the user then inhales.

What E-Cigarette is right for me ?

Some experienced vapers and a lot of people new to vaping might be a bit confused about what e-cigarette to purchase. This depends on the individual and what their reasons for vaping are. whether for the purpose of recreation, as an alternative to traditional cigarette or as a means of saving money through spending a little less on vaping than you spend on traditional cigarette. if you belong to any of these categories or for whatever reason you can choose from a wide range of products and accessories . The brands we have Cigma Vape, Vapouursson, Cigware and eKaiser are manufactured to the highest standards, as a result we offer a product that is reliable of good quality and creates a fulfilling experience with every purchase. For any further information please contact us and we will endeavour to give you the best advice for the products we have.

Why have E-Cigarettes and Vaping become more popular ?

E-cigarettes and "Vaping" as its known has grown in popularity over the last few years owing to a number of factors that have created the "perfect storm". some of these factors where the change in legislation about smoking indoors, the increase in the price of traditional cigarettes due to increased tax on these products, and the health issues just to name a few. Depending on the type of E-liquids you use, there is the choice of no nicotine or the different amounts of nicotine content. This is different to the options you have with traditional cigarettes. In addition to this, because of the method that Vaping employs, it means there is no tar, no carbon monoxide and also many of other chemicals available in traditional cigarettes are not present when vaping. This is a new industry and research is still ongoing so there are conflicting results on tests but in general E-cigarettes are deemed to be a more healthy alternative while giving the same sensation as that enjoyed while using traditional cigarettes.

Can a Customer Pick Up Products In Person ?

We are an internet based company, and we do not keep any stock in the office. All products purchased will be sent by mail.

What Products And What Brands Should I Buy ?

We have a wide selection of products from the entry level kits to the more innovative and the standard E-Cigarette units. We also have a wide selection of E-liquid flavours. Entery level kits include the E-Cigarttte types that are simple to use and are disposable such as the Cigware Starter Kit which has 5 cartomizers to be used, therefore individuals who are new to vaping have an easier product to use.

What Nicotine Strength Is Right For Me?

- Different Individuals have diverse preferences for nicotine strength. We provide the following purely as a guide for the Vapoursson Liquids.

-High 18mg (1.8% per ml) This is the most popular and it is equivalent to what a heavy smoker uses.

-Medium 12mg (1.2% per ml) This is equivalent to what an individual considered a medium smoker uses.

-Low 6mg (0.6% per ml) This is equivalent to what an individual considered a low smoker uses.

-Zero 0mg this is an E-liquid that has no nicotine in it.