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The Exvod Vapoursson ECigarette has an all silver and glass case and while it’s the same length as the Vapoursson Innive E-Cigarette but its slightly slimmer. With its innovative battery design this all silver Electronic Cigarette is a statement on its own. The novelty of its 4 LED lights glowing on a dark night, can be a visual stimuli that takes vaping to a whole different realm, these lights definitely give this Electronic Cigarette the Wow Factor. The Exvod is a very easy to use E-Cigarette and provides a functional alternative to traditional cigarettes.
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About Vapoursson

The brand name says it all, from it’s Exvod ECigarette with its stylish full silver casing to its other models Envod, Rexza and Innive which have a mixture of silver, black and glass casings, they show an eye catching colour contrast and a clinical attention to detail. Owing to their square curves they create an association that says this E-Cigarette brand is efficient. The Vapoursson E-Cigarette has features that preserve its status for precision two such features are the 4 LED light monitors which light up as you inhale indicating how long you have taken a puff. To the standardised clearomizer which can be used for its different models of E-Cigarettes. Everything about these four different models of Vapoursson states you are in control of the experience. If you are moving away from traditional cigarettes, or are new to vaping you will get a wide range of E-Liquid flavours and a set of E-Cigarettes that will guarantee you enjoy vaping to the maximum.

Product description

The Vapourrson Exvod has a special micro charging port which makes unscrewing the battery for charging unnecessary and hence speeds up charging. There is also the specialist feature in which the battery has 4 LED light monitors which light up as you inhale indicating how long you have taken a puff. This also backs up as a charging indicator when put onto charge. It also has a simple to refill clearomizer and button function to start vaping. Innovative Super battery – Safe Feature Protection Features a 5 click On/Off LED button switch with ‘manual’ activation to make sure you are in control. The battery is 650 mAh offering 800 puffs when fully charged with the Micro USB charger. It is a long lasting durable battery, and owing to a high quality control system we ensure you will have an enjoyable time while Vaping with your E-liquid flavours.

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SKU 105251


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